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Tips to start freelancing on Fiverr

Earn money on the internet: it sounds utopian. Through the Fiverr freelance platform you can achieve exactly that, but the competition is great! In this article you will learn 7 tips from a successful Fiverr freelancer with which you too can assert yourself and succeed on the platform.

Earning money online is one of the many good things possible in the age of digitization and the 21st century. You don't need an office, a master's degree or a big budget. All you need to build a net income is passion, discipline, and a creative mind.

It is because of her that life as a freelancer is becoming more and more popular. Just open the laptop and you're done. However, it is actually not that easy to make money online. Before you get started, topics such as customer acquisition, good communication with them and work planning await you.

If you want to start as a freelancer despite these obstacles, sooner or later you will come across service provider platforms. What are they? It's simple: imagine an online marketplace like Amazon, only here vendors don't sell products to ship, but their services like logo design, video editing, website programming and many more.

Fiverr: Your beginnings as a freelancer

One of the most popular platforms is Fiverr. Founded in Israel in 2010, Fiverr has been popular in North America and Asia for a long time. However, the self-employment exchange is also becoming more popular in Europe. More than 3.8 million active buyers worldwide are on Fiverr (last updated March 31, 2021 ).

The platform was known for its low prices at first. Even today, services of all kinds start at five dollars, hence the name "Five(rr)" ("five" in Spanish). However, much more expensive offers and services have also been emerging that individuals and companies can take advantage of.

Tip #1: The right profile

Your Fiverr journey begins with your profile. When you sign up, you'll have to answer a few questions about yourself and your activities. You also have the opportunity to set how you show up on Fiverr, which is what potential buyers will see from you later.

Profile picture

An authentic profile photo is incredibly important to convey professionalism. It will show up on your profile page as well as any ad pages you have.

Tip #2: The perfect gig

You have now created your profile. The second step is to create "gigs", which is what Fiverr calls the advertisements for services that are offered. When developing your gigs, it is important to pay attention to certain quality factors. The basic points are the title, the description and the photo of the concert.

Gig title

Every gig title on Fiverr begins with the words "I will." More and more people seem not to have understood this. You will come across titles like "I will put your Facebook Ads". You can already imagine that this is unprofessional and that no one is going to click on this Gig, no matter how attractive the profile or offer is.

Gig photo

The title and photo are the first things that will be seen on your Gig. So make sure the Fiverr gig image size requirement clean and has a modern design as well. Keep in mind the following factors to achieve a successful image:

  • short and concise text

  • Pattern outbreak: create an eye-catching pattern that draws attention when hovering

  • Authenticity: illustrate your link to the offer (for example, the camera as an image element for the field of photography)

  • Correct format: 1100 x 740 pixels

  • no clickbait

  • Avoid copying other users

Gig description

If you can convince with your photo and your title, you will also get people to click on your gig. Now it is essential that this flow of visitors is not diluted, but that it becomes future commissions.



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