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Why choose MSU?

Gain both academic and field experience. To supplement the academic classes, MSU offers practicum exercises, internships, and job placement activities with local law enforcement agencies, correctional agencies, and the new homeland securities agencies here in West Virginia. This combination gives our students a competitive edge in the criminal justice field that requires both a college education and relevant field experience for the top jobs.

Homeland Security Emphasis. All of the bachelor’s degree concentrations include courses and training in homeland security, and MSU is the only university in West Virginia that offers a Criminal Justice concentration in Homeland Security.

Flexible Learning Delivery. Classes in the criminal justice program are offered on-campus, in cohort settings, and through independent study. You can also receive credit for past academic courses and prior learning experience.

Active Student Organizations. Two student organizations, Alpha Phi Sigma Honor Society and American Criminal Justice Association - Lamba Alpha Epsilon chapter offer our students the opportunity to add to their Criminal Justice studies. Practical experience can be gained through tours of prisons or jails, courses in using firearms and self-defense, and viewing law enforcement demonstrations.

Career Opportunities

Criminal justice graduates will qualify for a variety of jobs:

Local police officer

Sheriff’s deputy

Correctional officer

Private security officer

Probation/parole officer

West Virginia State Police

Federal agent positions (with bachelor’s degree)

Homeland security specialist

MSU’s new concentration in its criminal justice programs reflect the need for more law enforcement professionals in all areas of local, state, and national government. The Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, projects this area to grow faster than average, which means approximately a 21 to 35 percent increase in jobs between 2002 and 2012.

Since all bachelor’s degree programs feature pay for essay elements of Homeland Security, graduates will be able to target more competitive areas within the federal government, such as the FBI, U.S Marshals, DEA, BATF, and U.S. Customs for career opportunities.

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Why choose Criminal Justice?

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